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August 10, 2009

HOW TO: Tie a resetting ring rig

The Ring Rig or Blowback Rig is a great rig if you find you are getting plenty of bites but not actually hooking any carp. The idea behind the rig is the ring allows the bait free movement so when a carp blows or moves the bait it moves very naturally. This free movement also allows the hook to move indipendantly of the bait which means when the carp has the bait in its mouth the hook point will always drop and present it self in the idea hooking postion greatly increasing your chances of a solid hook hold in the bottom lip.

What you will need

1. Sharp braid scissors
2. A braid stripper
3. A baiting needle
4. Rig pullers

1. Longshank hooks
2. Coated braid hooklength

Tackle cont.
3. Heat shrink
4. Bait stops

Tackle cont.
5. Fine Diameter silicone tube
6. Micro rig rings

Step 1

Cut enough coated braid hook length for you to be able to work comfortably with the braid about 30-35cm is fine. Then using the braid stripper tool strip about 12cm of coating off the braid.

Step 2

Double the stripped braid over on itself and form a simple overhand knot, do not pull the knot tight yet. Insert the two rig pullers into the loop and the center of the knot now use the pullers to minimise the waste tag end and form the corrcet size loop to suit the size of bait to be used.

Step 3
Using a fine baiting needle carefully put the needle throught the middle of the bait.

Step 4
Thread the bait onto the hair and add the hair stop to prevent the bait from coming off the hair.

Step 5
Slip a micro rig ring onto the hooklenght over the stripped portion of the coated braid. Now tie a single over hand knot with the ring in the middle of the knot.

Step 6
put the baiting needle into the micro rig ring and pull the ring along the braid to set the hair length.

Step 7
Tie a second overhand knot to fully lock the micro rig ring in place.

Step 8
Now pull the ring over the hook point and pull the hooklenght through the back of the eye on the hook.

Step 9

With the micro rig ring in the correct position on the shank of the hook opposite the barb measure the silicone tube next to the hook and cut the tube to the correct lenght.

Step 10
Slide the cut peice of fine bore silicone tube onto the hooklenght and down until it stops against the micro rig ring.

Step 11

Step 12
Tie your standard Knotlees knot.(These steps can been seen in the How To:tie a knotlees knot article)

Step 13
Add a small peice of tight fitting heatshrink to the eye of the hook.

Step 14
With The heat shrink steamed over the kettle and pulled forward whilst cooling you should end up with a rig looking like this.

Step 15
Double over the coated braid and tie and overhand knot to form your loop. Lubricate the knot with saliva when you pull the knot tight.

Step 16
With the rig complete use the puller bars to fully test the rig and knots. Youy rig should now look like this.

I hope you enjoyed making this rig good luck with your fishing.

Tight lines!


At October 11, 2009 at 2:39 PM , Blogger Robert said...

it was very helpfull im going to use it all the time


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Stories, photos, tips & advice from recent coaching & pleasure angling sessions and events. Years of experience, knowledge and advice passed down with in-depth tutorials.

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